Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A set back

I was on a roll for new patterns but have had a setback. I have hearts cut out, bunnies and gingers, most of them in different stages of painting and finishing. But…..before Christmas my Dear Mom went into the hospital. She was diagnosed with renal failure. After Christmas my husband and I went to visit (she lives in Alabama, we live in Virginia). She was home and starting to make some improvement. We stayed a few days and then came home. January 14th, one of my sisters called to let me know our loving, generous, compassionate mom passed away. She turned 86 years old on Dec 13th. Mom did not want a traditional funeral service so in lieu of this we are having a "Remembrance" of her Jan 25th. We will share stories of her life and swap pictures. When I return home I will do my best to finish the projects I have started and put them on my website. I'm not sure yet how all this will affect me, I do know that painting is a therapeutic outlet for me so hopefully I will not have a stall. Please be patient as I go through this time of grief and keep checking back for new patterns.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aaaah! Do you feel that?

It's the slowing pace after a hectic, busy holiday season. It seems that from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, the pace of life picks up and moves forward at a break-neck speed. But now, with the holidays behind us, maybe we can all refocus and start planning for the New Year ahead.

I have already been planning a few things for this New Year, at least in the way of new patterns. At the moment I am working on rabbits, sheep and gingers. I love the gingerbread theme and I never seem to make enough of them. So this year, you will be seeing some new gingerbread patterns on my site. I have a pattern for a snow family marshmallow roast half done. It was interrupted when I agreed to do a small craft show in our community. I'm just now getting back to it. That will be posted soon. My basement is filling up with all kinds of thrift store finds that I will be painting on and developing into patterns. I love the prim lights so lots of designs on my sketch pad for those. I am leaving up one of my alpine trees as an all season tree so you will be seeing new ornaments for the seasons….Valentines, Easter, Spring, Americana, Autumn and of course Christmas. I have many friends who have an all season tree and have trouble finding ornaments for them. Soooo….why not make them yourself?

That's what I am up to this next month. What about you? Also, I wonder what kind of patterns my customers would like to see at Aly's Room. Why not send an email and let me know. Til next time, willa

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Aly's Room.

I can't believe I am finally blogging. Thanks Nick the Geek for setting me up.

There is something to be said about "new beginnings" that is how I feel about this New Year. There are so many new ideas popping into my head, things I can't wait to start on. Aly's Room will be going through a new transformation sometime this year, a new beginning. I also plan to open an Etsy account for those finished items that keep gathering in my basement, another new beginning. Aly's Room will be offering a free pattern from time to time. They will be posted for a limited amount of time so pick them up as quickly as possible….another new beginning. My Sweetie bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas, who knows what that will produce…a new beginning. Blogging, a new beginning for me. I hope to submit a few projects to a couple of magazines for publishing, a new beginning. New beginnings can be awesome if you approach them with an adventurous attitude and I feel adventurous this year. I hope you do too.

Please join me weekly to read my blogs and add your comments. I will be posting some of the items I am currently working on, tips on crafting and painting. I'll try to answer any questions you have about my patterns. Hopefully Nick the Geek will set my website up for a few give aways now and then (don't you just love free stuff?), and a demo video every once in a while.

Happy New Year and Blessings for '09.

Willa @ Aly's Room