Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tutorial on making peppermint candies and sticks.

You will find a tutorial on how to make these peppermint candies and sticks on my finished blog at . I also include a brief video on how to shade and high light them. Come check it out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Things!

Don't you just love new things? I do. Nick the Geek gave Aly's Room a new make-over and I have to say it looks pretty nice. If you are a regular to Aly's Room, take a moment and adjust, I know how strange things can be when they are different from what you are use to. If you are new to Aly's Room and looking for the patterns you will find the category for them to the left. The newest patterns are listed at the bottom of the page. At the moment I only accept Paypal, check and money orders. If you are interested in finished items, visit me at my Etsy shop at

This is the newest pattern added to Aly's Room. Cold and raw the North Wind doth blow bleak in the morning early. All the hills are covered with snow and winter has now come fairly. Remember this nursery rhyme? It still makes me want to reach for a warm throw when I recite it. This boot was hand painted with a scene of Old Man Winter blowing his snow over a sleepy village. The snowmen are having fun and cheering Old Man Winter on. I added a prim light to this frosty boot, 3 large rusty snowflakes, some greenery, pip berries and moss. I tied it up with a homespun shoe string and added a prim tag to top it off

New things are on the way too. This sweet pilgrim couple is all finished, the pattern packet will be posted next week so stay tuned.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

These Jack-o-Lantern pokes are being featured on my OldCupboardDoor blog. It will be a "how to" make them lesson so be sure to check it out. The lesson will be loaded on the blog Monday October 12th. Here's the url:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pattern coming soon.

I love painting on shoes, boots, ice skates.... They always come out so interesting. Last year I painted on a high-heeled ankle boot with a turned down cuff. I painted a Wynter scene and added the words "City side walk, busy side walk..." for the city gals. It was such a neat piece. I did it for a craft show I was doing and sadly I did not take a pic. I so wish I had kept that boot because I can not find another pair of boots like it. I sell what I make thinking I can always make one for myself later but that's not the case this time. I like this sweet little boot too. These childrens boots make the best night-lights, I just love painting them. This one is going on Etsy, as much as I like it, I'll do one for myself later...I hope. This design is original to Aly’s Room and will be added soon as a pattern packet. It won’t be on a shoe though but on a box, I’m also painting it on a board with a slate. Til next time!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another New Pattern on the Way.

I painted this boot for my Etsy shop and decided to make it into a pattern. I hope to have it listed within the next 2 weeks. Visit me at my Etsy shop

snowman gourd painted from pattern #212

New Pattern on the way

Hey Everyone.

I just finished this new pattern. I'll be posting it in the new pattern section soon so check back.